“All natural grass fed beef is much better for you than the beef from animals on factory farms which are fed grain. Cattle have evolved to eat grass; they are not adapted to digest grains, which wreak havoc with their digestive systems. Meat from all natural grass fed cattle is lower in saturated fat than meat from cattle fed on grain. It also has more omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and conjugated linoleic acid – all good for human health.” – Dr. Andrew Weil- Feb. 2008

According to various references all natural grass-fed beef contains 4 times more Vitamin E, 10 times more Vitamin A and 2-4 times more Omega 3 than meat from other sources. In addition to these benefits Happy Mountain® cattle grass fed beef are naturally tender. Tenderness in beef is to a large extent a function of the length of the cell in the muscle. Large animals have long slender muscle cells. Our Happy Mountain® cattle are smaller and therefore have shorter muscle cells similar to veal. This contributes to their natural tenderness. We raise them on grass to get the health benefits and with the short muscle cells we also get natural tenderness. Our customers tell us that besides all this the taste is superb.