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Sunpentown SC-5400S Rice Cooker Review

The Sunpentown SC-5400S is a heavy-duty 35-cup rice cooker. It can keep your food at the ideal serving temperature for up to 24 hours after the cooking cycle has completed. You can find this model for an average price of $250. Look further into this article to find out more information or see the industry leaders over at ricecookerworld.net.


The Sunpentown SC-5400S rice cooker offers one-touch operation for simplicity. After your food has finished cooking, the machine will automatically switch into keep warm mode. It can operate in this mode for up to 24 hours so your rice stays at proper serving temperature. Indicator lights show you which mode the unit is currently in.


The Sunpentown SC-5400S offers a 35-cup capacity. The removable inner pot makes for more convenient serving. The pot also has a non-stick Teflex coating so you can easily clean it.


The Sunpentown SC-5400S rice cooker offers 1550 watts of cooking power. The 3-dimensional system produces heat from the top, sides, and bottom. This helps to ensure that your rice cooks evenly. The machine is also fitted with an air-tight lid to trap moisture inside.


The Sunpentown SC-5400S rice cooker was also designed with safety in mind. The exterior remains cool to the touch so you don’t have to worry about being burned. There is also a safety lock button so you can’t accidentally open the unit.


The Sunpentown SC-5400S uses a cup to collect excess condensation. The rice cooker has a stainless steel exterior to add a touch of beauty to your kitchen. It is backed by a one year limited warranty.

The Sunpentown SC-5400S rice cooker offers a 35-cup capacity. It will automatically keep your rice at the ideal serving temperature for up to 24 hours. The exterior of the machine remains cool so you don’t have to worry about being burned.

Our Sons New Gaming Fascination

So a few years ago at the farm we had our first son, and it seems he has quite the fascination for gaming instead of prefering to help around the farm and handle the chickens.

Instead of helping with sorting our cows to make sure that we get the best beef possible and be able to provide for our family and customers, instead he chooses to play video games. A popular video game that he has been playing is Call of Duty of which he has a very high rank. Through playing this video game has been able to join the clan known as Optic and produce cash flow through this means.

Whilst searching and striving to becoming the best Call of Duty player around, or COD as he calls it, he struggled to find the best gaming laptop that would help him with this so we decided that we had to help him with this conquest. To start off since we were paying for this gaming laptop we checked out some popular technology and gaming sites and found that the site TheTechInsider was able to provide us with what we needed. It had full on reviews giving the best information on which laptop we should go for and why. In the end for his needs he needed something that he could travel with and still be able to play games on, so we went for the MSI brand with their 6QC model. This laptop was able to provide everything he needed, and was lightweight enough that he could travel around the world and take it to tournaments with him.

If you are looking for something similar than we suggest going with the brand MSI, we have recommended them to our friends a ton, the laptop is well built, and according to him it can play every game he wants and more, we might not be so knowledegable about gaming, but we do know our beef and trust that our son has researched enough. Again a big thanks to the sites that helped us like techinsider, it was really easy to browse through and find what we needed.

Why Our Beef is Better

“All natural grass fed beef is much better for you than the beef from animals on factory farms which are fed grain. Cattle have evolved to eat grass; they are not adapted to digest grains, which wreak havoc with their digestive systems. Meat from all natural grass fed cattle is lower in saturated fat than meat from cattle fed on grain. It also has more omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and conjugated linoleic acid – all good for human health.” – Dr. Andrew Weil- Feb. 2008

According to various references all natural grass-fed beef contains 4 times more Vitamin E, 10 times more Vitamin A and 2-4 times more Omega 3 than meat from other sources. In addition to these benefits Happy Mountain® cattle grass fed beef are naturally tender. Tenderness in beef is to a large extent a function of the length of the cell in the muscle. Large animals have long slender muscle cells. Our Happy Mountain® cattle are smaller and therefore have shorter muscle cells similar to veal. This contributes to their natural tenderness. We raise them on grass to get the health benefits and with the short muscle cells we also get natural tenderness. Our customers tell us that besides all this the taste is superb.